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here comes a new mixtape full of rootikal vibrations… some tunes I truly love…
turn up your hifi and fulljoy…

”a the food inna the music
no rule inna the music,
when it hit you can’t refuse it
just the vibes inna the music
come make we build up some vibes
time for some vibes…”

Ras Lion - rootikal vibrations… inna soundsystem stylee - mixtape

01 // Marcus Gad & Tribe - Chanting (Natural Productions)
02 // aDUBta meets The Black Oak Roots Allstars ft. Isayah - Inna Di End (Stepwise Records)
03 // Murray Man / JT Kibir La Amlak ft. Ras Tweed - I Am That I Am (Salomon Heritage)
04 // Russ D ft. Vivian Jones - Carry On (Imperial House Music)
05 // S&G Players ft. Errol Bellot - Babylon (Bell Hot)
06 // Dezzi D - Madness In The Streets / Unity In The Streets / Dub (Vibes House)
07 // Restless Mashaits ft. Deadly Headly, Everton Gayle, Dizzy Moore, Scully - King Of Kings (Alternative Horns Cut) (Partial Records)
08 // Black Spider ft. Vivian Jones - Babylons Trap (Black Spider Records)
09 // Bush Chemist ft. Tony Roots - Roots Rock Reggae (Lush Records)
10 // Dillinger ft. Diana - When Music Hits You (Iroko Records)
11 // Berris Simpson ft. Prince Hammer - Babylon (Adamas)
12 // Kubix ft. Mo’Kalamity - Jah Name (Roots Meditation Records)
13 // Unitone ft. Idren Natural - What Happen To The Love (Unitone Soundimentional)
14 // The Roots Defender ft. Earl Sixteen - We Play Sound (Bababoom Hi Fi)
15 // The Rockers Disciples meet The Producers ‎- Lightning & Thunder (Blackboard Jungle)
16 // Roberto Sanchez - Fight Dem Down (Dreadrive Muzik/Prod.)
17 // Lone Ark Riddim Force ft. Earl Sixteen - Run Away (Extended Mix) (Nansa)
18 // Moa Anbessa ft. Don Fe - Livity Vibes (Moa Anbessa)
19 // The Riddim Activist ft. Young Kulcha - Set Dem Free / Dub Dem Free (Conscious Embassy Records)
20 // Fabasstone ft. Joe Pilgrim - Strange Situation / Strange Dub Situation (Jarring Effects)
21 // Arkaingelle meets I-David - Mek We Build (Version 1 &2) (Inner Standing)
22 // King Earthquake ft. Gussie Ranks - Babylon / Babylon Dub (King Earthquake)

[Ras Lion on the controls]

more info:

For bookings or any other inquiries write to 
>>> contact[at]lionsdensound[.]de

Events / So - 4.6 - Münster - Dubstories11
« Last post by Ical Ises on 01.06.2017, 08:34:00 »
Can´t wait to meet the Münster massives!
Dandelion for the very first time inna Münster shity!
large up Kunterbunt for the great worx!
SUBSTATION #28 - The heaviest bass in town


Ralley round from near and far.

Guidance and Itection
Events / Re: Dub Sessions Marburg / Hessen
« Last post by maximum on 25.04.2017, 18:07:21 »
*bump* new sessions announced
- Lion's Den invites… Dub Engine & Digitron for a night of PSYCHO STEPPAS -

!! powered by Lion’s Den Sound System !!

a year has passed since our last joint tour, and some months since our last release together, so we thought it’s about time to bring back our good friends Digitron from Zagreb, Croatia, for a musical meeting of a unique kind, only this time on our sound system and not alone… we rather take the full madness…
we proudly also welcome the great dub duo Dub Engine from Bologna, Italy - highly in demand in the modern dub scene, and with a special place in the hearts of most Berliners after a memorable Fusion gig in 2014…
as they are good friends and dub-hooligans of the same kind they have spent many raving sessions and studio hours together throughout the last year, so be ready for some ‘engintrone’ vibes… pure dub craziness, psycho steppas…

/// DUB ENGINE [Bologna / IT] ///
-Live set-

/// DIGITRON [Zagreb / HR] ///

/// LION’S DEN SOUND SYSTEM [Berlin] ///
(Ras Lion ls. Kali Green & konTa)

/// ABOUT ///

Digitron Sound [Zagreb / HR]

Digitron Sound System, pioneer dub sound outta Croatia, balkan dub defenders! Since 2007 based on members of 2 live dub bands (Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Bamwise), piled up and led with the intention of making the first Croatian sound system, in a country where there was no culture of its kind. Musicwise closest to UK sound of digital dub with influences of different musical directions, from electronic music, to more organic. Usual suspects in Croatian and European underground scene: festivals, clubs, autonomous zones etc...
Digitron runs many nights in the biggest Croatian and only alternative cultural centre, former squat called Medika. A monthly program is paired with organizing and running many dub stages on different festivals (Modem, Lost Theory, Seasplash etc…). Apart from being active as an act that has been performing all across Europe on some of the leading festivals and club nights (Fusion, Reggaebus, Hadra, Lusine etc…), Digitron also has a label called Digitron Records and is an active production force - always ruff and tuff.

Dub Engine [Bologna / IT]

Live and studio project started in 2009 by musicians Tux (dubmaster, fx) and Sabry (vocals, synth) from Bologna (Italy).
Ruff bass, acid upbeat synths, infinite delays and tons of wobbles are the trademark of Engine’s sound, surely part of that new generation of dub coloured by various music genres: from roots-reggae to its electronic descendants like stepper, jungle and dubstep.
Deeply influenced by UK & French new millenium dub era, they started to evolve their live style towards a new “psycho-steppa” way, merging the hypnotic energy of psychedelic vocals with militant-warrior style typical of stepper music.
They’ve shared the stage with international dub artists like Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, Mad Professor, OBF, Alpha Steppa, Jahtari, Mayd Hubb spreading their vibes in most of the festivals/clubs in Italy and Europe.
Revealed in 2010 with a 8-track release under free Creative Commons licence on “Irie On Air” net-label , they appeared on several european compilations before signing “Rude Boy” in 2011 on Dubatriation Records, their first 7″ vinyl release, killer Shaka dub tune.

/// INFO ///

date: may 12th
gates open at 23:01
location: YAAM / An der Schillingbrücke / 10243 Berlin
near S Ostbahnhof
-> * support yur local activists *

Refugees welcome!!!

for more info visit:

no sexism, no homophobia, no racism, no discrimination, no borders!!!
strictly respect...
good over evil... only love can conquer...

Events / Re: 22.4.17 Dub´ucation Freiburg!
« Last post by Joyful Noise Soundsystem on 12.04.2017, 17:46:46 »
TONIGHT is the night...
part of what to expect in the dance...  ;)

Events / Re: 20.05.17 DEEP ROOTS #23 St. Gallen
« Last post by Justice Rivah Soundsystem on 06.04.2017, 19:47:35 »
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