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Fikir Amlak / Jah Marcus - Don’t Sleep / Listen [BR1042]

A1 / Fikir Amlak - Don’t Sleep
A2 / Imperial Sound - Sleep Not Dub

B1 / Jah Marcus - Listen
B2 / Imperial Sound - Listen Dub

BLACK REDEMPTION - music & mix by Dan I @ Imperial Sound Army Studios Italy - lyrics & vox by A. Estrada aka Fikir Amlak (A) - Jah Marcus (B) - executive producer Ras Kush - distributed by Lion’s Den - artwork by Sons And Dawtas Of The Emperor - All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2014 Kush Art Pub

Here comes another well-known Black Redemption project - finally out on vinyl. As there had been some issues with a locked groove when it was originally pressed in 2014, it had never properly seen the light of the day. Finally you can grab your copy - Fikir Amlak’s anthem ‘Don’t Sleep’ on one side and Jah Marcus with ‘Listen’ on the flipside, riddim and dubs by Imperial Sound from Italy.
Better don’t sleep on this one.

YAAM Berlin, A Bass Odyssey & Lion's Den präsentieren:

Eine unvergessliche Nacht mit dem legendären Sound System Operator aus London, UK - Aba Shanti-I!
+ El Volcan - El Orgullo de Berlin - Vol. 6

// Aba Shanti-I //
Seit über 30 Jahren ist Aba Shanti-I mit seinem Sound System unermüdlich unterwegs - von London bis zum fernen Osten - und seit 25 Jahren ist er ein fester Bestandteil des legendären Notting Hill Carnivals. In den internationalen Sound System Kreisen gilt er - neben Künstlern wie Jah Shaka oder Channel One - als einer der wahren Urgesteine der Szene und einer der bedeutendsten Botschafter für Reggae Musik in Europa.

Support kommt an dem Abend von Sista Habesha & MannaroMan aus Italien, sowie dem Lion's Den Sound System aus Berlin mit seiner Boxenwand - der Mai kann kommen!

// Beachbox //
Was in Jamaika das Soundsystem ist, ist in Kolumbien das Pico! Bunt bemalte Boxentürme prägen das Bild der kolumbianischen Partylandschaft. Jedes Pico Picó lässt sich neben seiner Musikauswahl stark und über die handbemalte Boxentürmen identifizieren. Soundsystem - Colombian Style!

Mit "El Volcán - El Orgullo de Berlin" präsentieren wir Euch die erste und einzigste Picó-Party der Stadt. Mit den besten Dj's der Szene & Live Percussion steht hier eine ganz besondere Nacht voller Tropischer Grooves an!

★ ✫ ★ ✫ Sound System Area ✫ ★ ✫ ★
Powered by the Lion's Den Sound System
Dub - Roots - Steppas - Reggae - Vibes

✯ Aba Shanti-I (Falasha recordings // London, UK)

✯ Sista Habesha (Habeshites // Milan, IT)

✯ MannaroMan (Bologna, IT)

✯ Lion's Den (Berlin, DE)

★ ✫ ★ ✫ ★ ✫ El Volcan ✫ ★ ✫ ★ ✫ ★
✫ ★ ✫ El Orgullo de Berlin Vol. 6 ✫ ★ ✫
Cumbia - Soukous - Afro Latin - Tropical

✯ Dj Nomad (El Volcan, Africane 080 // Berlin, DE)

✯ Edna Martinez (El Volcan, LatinArab // Colombia)

✯ ERIC OWUSU (Live Percussion // Ghana)

★ ✫ Official YAAM Beach Opening ✫ ★
✫ ★ ✫ DJ's from 16:00 - 22:00 ✫ ★ ✫

✯ The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp // Berlin)

✯ Sará Sabotage (Berlin)

✫ ★ ✫ ★ ✫ ★ ✫ ★ ✫

YAAM Berlin
An der Schillingbrücke 3
10243 Berlin, Germany

Design by:

spread the good news: yes BR1204LD has finally reached and will go out this coming week... ✊

- Lion's Den invites… AFRIKAN SIMBA & BABABOOM HI-FI -

!! powered by Lion’s Den Sound System !!

with great joy we welcome none other than the great Afrikan Simba on the fyahphone - well known for his distinct voice, flow and conscious lyrics on numerous sound system appearances and releases around the globe - and the full crew straight outta Italy: Bababoom Hi-Fi - Brian, Chiliman and the Dub Defender - serious activists running a serious sound, label and production force…
this one is a family affair!!! better run come rally and skank with us…



/// LION’S DEN SOUND SYSTEM [Berlin] ///

/// INFO ///

date: march 22nd
gates open at 23:01
location: YAAM / An der Schillingbrücke / 10243 Berlin
near S Ostbahnhof

Refugees welcome!!!

for more info visit:

artwork by Darkwing Dub

no sexism, no homophobia, no racism, no discrimination, no borders!!!
strictly respect...
good over evil... only love can conquer...

- Lion's Den invites… BLACK OMOLO & ROBERTO SANCHEZ -

!! powered by Lion’s Den Sound System !!

it wasn’t easy to catch those two extremely busy artists, but we are happy to announce: they will pass thru Berlin end of January…
you might either know Black Omolo’s powerful voice from one of the past releases on Lion’s Den, the recent one on Black Redemption or from a number of other labels, or from her extensive touring with the mighty King Shiloh Sound System and her own stage shows… it has been long overdue to welcome her here in Berlin, so expect nuff fire from the microphone stand…
Roberto Sanchez is another well known artist in the reggae and dub circuit - as a multi-talented musician, singer, producer and engineer he is responsible for a huge catalogue of beautiful works involving many of the scene’s greats… on the night we will have the great opportunity to hear and feel some of the material from his Lone Ark redubbed in a live fashion…



/// LION’S DEN SOUND SYSTEM [Berlin] ///

/// INFO ///

date: january 25th
gates open at 23:01
location: YAAM / An der Schillingbrücke / 10243 Berlin
near S Ostbahnhof

please also come out to the Supastar Concert Night before the session...
-> * support yur local activists *

Refugees welcome!!!

for more info visit:

artwork by Darkwing Dub

no sexism, no homophobia, no racism, no discrimination, no borders!!!
strictly respect...
good over evil... only love can conquer...

in case you missed friday's ride thru the 90s, there is a recording up on the Musical Echoes page...
more than 4 hours strictly fire brought to you by Manasseh & Kenny Knots...

on Dec 31st you will find us together with some dub activists from France and our Sound System in one of the rooms at Yaam 🤗

Dubwise no compromise !!!

(p.s.: don't get mislead by the event title and rest assured: in the Lion's Den room it will be family vibes, strictly love and upliftment, deep reggae and heavy dubs all night long !!)

wooooowww!!! on friday my bredda BuDa I-Kus told me he had seen Queen Omega this summer at Reggae Jam and that she had played ‘Real Lioness’ from LIONSCHOICE001 live with her band - now I found this amazing recording… I am just blown away… didn’t know… what a magic moment !!!

(video by PullUpMag - © Soundbwoy Tv / Reggae Jam Festival 2018)

A1 / Luv Fyah - Musical Mission
A2 / King Alpha - Dub Mission
A3 / Fikir Amlak - Rasta Tell Dem

B1 / Black Omolo & Monkey Jhayam - Blackstar Liner
B2 / King Alpha - Blackstar Dub
B3 / King Alpha - Rasta Dub Dem

BLACK REDEMPTION ✡ music & mix by Ras Joseph aka King Alpha ✡ lyrics & vox by R. J. Carson aka Luv Fyah (A1) ✡ A. Estrada aka Fikir Amlak (A3) ✡ R. A. Omolo aka Black Omolo & J. Marcus aka Monkey Jhayam (B1) ✡ executive producer Ras Kush ✡ distributed by Lion’s Den ✡ artwork by Martin Engelbogen ✡ mastered by Star Delta Mastering ✡ All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2018 Kush Art Pub

Black Redemption is back with another 12inch disc. This time it’s a meditative one drop with three vocal cuts and three dub versions. Responsible for the production is none other than King Alpha from London, joined on lyrical duties by Luv Fyah and Fikir Amlak (both US) - each with a tune on side A - and Black Omolo (Kenya / Netherlands) together with Monkey Jhayam (Brazil) - inna combination style on side B.
Sounds of praises for the sound systems near and far…

Dedicated to Luv Fyah - may his fire blaze foriver on.

Here comes something from the Lion’s Den ‘archives’.
It was 2013 at a recording session in the Lion's Den studio, when Kali Green voiced "Serpent Behind A Curtain" - some reality lyrics about the bad dealings surrounding us - a warning to better 'Watch What Dem Do'.
A little later the project was taken to Aldubb's Planet Earth Studio to add some sweet horn melodies with Mathieu (trumpet) and Claudio (sax), two great players of instruments from Berlin, Germany.
The project was then sent to Leicester, UK, for some special remix treatment from the dub veteran Vibronics.
Here are four tuff dub cuts and an instrumental version out of his studio to be played on a heavyweight Sound System...

(This one digital format only. For free download or donation.)

Kali Green - Serpent Behind A Curtain [LIONSCHOICED01]
remixed & dubbed by Vibronics

1 // Kali Green - Serpent Behind A Curtain [Vibronics Vox Mix]
2 // Watch Behind The Curtain [Vibronics Vox DUB Mix]
3 // Watch What Dem Dub Part I [Vibronics DUB Mix]
4 // Watch How Dem Ruff Part III [Vibronics DUB Mix]
5 // Watch What Dem Do Version [Vibronics RIDDIM Mix]

LION'S DEN /// /// remix by S. Gibbs aka Steve Vibronics @ Vibronics Studio /// vocals recorded by J. John aka Ras Lion @ Lion's Den Studio /// horns recorded by A. Hornbach aka Aldubb @ Planet Earth Studios /// lyrics & voice by T. Mokheseng aka Kali Green /// horns by C. Jolowicz (tenor sax) & M. Pé (trumpet) /// artwork by Martin Engelbogen /// mastered by Star Delta Mastering /// All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2018 Lion's Den

Artists in Action & Refugee Community Kitchen present...
main room powered by Lion's Den Sound System
more info:

A1 / Ark Aingelle - Energy
A2 / ITP Music - Dub

B1 / ITP Music - Jah Children
B2 / ITP Music - Dubwise

BLACK REDEMPTION ✡ music & mix by G. Wise / ITP Music @ Revelation Hi-Fi Studio ✡ lyrics & vox by R. Younge aka Ark Aingelle ✡ executive producer Ras Kush ✡ distributed by Lion’s Den ✡ artwork by Ras Zahir ✡ All rights reserved. © + ℗ 2017 Kush Art Pub

Here comes a long-awaited Black Redemption 10inch disc showcasing the talents of Ark Aingelle from Guyana, based in the US, and ITP Music from France.
An energetic vocal and some deep knowledge meet a rootikal riddim, including several dub excursions. The result: uplifting music with a message that provides for positive vibes wherever it is played.
‘Energy a energy inna the frequency…’

- Lion's Den invites… KENNY KNOTS & MANASSEH -
for a 90s in reggae & dub special

!! powered by Lion’s Den Sound System !!

come out and skank with us for a unique journey through the 90s in reggae, dub & steppas (with a hint of late 80s :P )… JA / UK and abroad… a special dedication to this chapter in time…
for this edition of ‘Lion’s Den Sound System invites…’ we welcome none other than the longtime studio and sound system activist Manasseh longside the legendary singer Kenny Knots on the microphone…
surely a date for the calendar for any serious dub addict…

/// KENNY KNOTS [London / UK] ///

/// MANASSEH [London / UK] ///

/// LION’S DEN SOUND SYSTEM [Berlin] ///

/// ABOUT ///


Kenny Knots' career started when in 1984, 15 years of age, he released "Look How The People Are Dancing" which got him into the English reggae charts. It is the same time he joined Unity Sound System as an MC. In 1991, as he still had not received the recognition he deserved, Kenny retired from the front of the stage for several years, to reappear only in 2000. It is thanks to the support of his family, and in particular Dougie Wardrop, that he decided to give himself a new chance and he joined the Bush Chemists, along with Culture Freeman, Jonah Dan and Chazbo. Since then he has recorded with many of the greats of the scene and can be found on numerous quality releases, by labels such as Conscious Sounds, Unity Sounds, Scotch Bonnet, Jah Tubbys, Dubateers,Scoops, OBF Records and many more. Kenny Knots comes with pure fire and a conscious message no matter if in a dance or on a record.

MANASSEH [London / UK]

Manasseh sound system was originally built in 1985 by a group of school friends (Nick, Ed Maiden and Billy T) and finished and first played on the Sunday morning of Notting Hill Carnival in that year. With the aim of playing reggae with a focus on the roots side of the music, which was missing from the scene at that time, the sound system was based in West London in the Shepherds Bush area.
Nick Manasseh started producing music the same year for sound system dub plates. His earliest productions with his partner Scruff eventually became Sound Iration. Their first single, ‘Seventh Seal’, was issued on the Mystic Red label in 1988 and is widely credited as the first ‘UK Steppers’ record. Sound Iration went on to produce the ‘In Dub’ album for Youth and Alex Paterson’s WAU MR Modo label, another landmark release. The album was re-issued on triple vinyl and double CD in 2010.
In 1990 Nick set up his first studio and was involved in setting up a new label called Riz Records, along with co producer Gil Cang, Eddie Joseph and Mak Gilchrist; to release the productions from the new studio. The label ran for about 7 years, with many notable successes such as Earl 16’s ‘Natural Roots’, Admiral Tibet’s ‘Permission’, Orville Smith’s album ‘Walking on Tightrope’ and the original vinyl release of Manasseh meets The Equalizer ‘Dub The Millennium‘ (subsequently licensed to Acid Jazz). A great retrospective- ‘The Riz Records Story’ has been reissued on the Reggae Archives label (2014).
Manasseh Studio from its Brixton days (’91-2000) was also a magnet for many other London sounds to voice dub plates, especially with visiting Jamaican artists, and was the venue for many sessions with some of the greats like Dennis Brown, the Mighty Diamonds, Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott, Brigadier Jerry, Josie Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Osbourne, Junior Delgado, Tony Tuff and The Melodians; as well as some of the big artists of the 90s like Jigsy King, Tony Curtis, Simpleton, Shaggy Wonder, Everton Blender and Yami Bolo amongst others.
In 1987 Nick, Ed and Billy T began their show on Kiss FM, brought in by brothers Norman and Joey Jay, to play the 3-7am ‘graveyard’ slot. The station was a pirate at that time and later, when Kiss became a legal station in 1990, Manasseh occupied the 3-6am slot until 1999. It’s fair to say that this, along with Joey’s sunday evening show, became an institution and was responsible for introducing and educating a whole new generation of younger listeners to deep roots music. The two shows also had a strong effect on the Jamaican music industry, helping artists like Luciano and Sizzla to become established. Bearing in mind that in those days there was no internet or file sharing- the radio show, along with the sound system, established Manasseh as a positive force in the reggae scene, in the UK and internationally.
In 2004 Nick hooked up with Jon Jones of long standing Brighton roots night, Roots Garden. Jon wanted to start a new label, and, in a nice turn of events, the first release was a track that Nick and Gil had recorded with Johnny Osbourne originally for Riz records but had remained un-released. ‘Black Star Liner’ was a great start for the new Roots Garden label. With releases from Luciano, Freddie McGregor, Brother Culture, Dark Angel, Ava Leigh, Kenny Knots, Bob Skeng, Cate Ferris, Mc Trooper, Ruben Da Silva, Jahmali, Danny Red, Vin Gordon and many more; Roots Garden records in 2014 is going strong and is becoming a big family. Physically, Roots Garden has concentrated on vinyl singles and EPs, but the label is now also online.
In the last ten years Nick has also produced, mixed, written, and remixed music for many other artists and labels, including Reggae Roast records, Foundation records, Digi Signal records, Dubkasm, Soothsayers, Emiliana Torrini, Pama International, Resonators, The Drop, J Star, The Trojans and Rootikal records amongst many others.
In 2012, after living in the South West of England for twelve years, Nick returned to London and moved into a new studio -The Yard- in West London, just round the corner from where he first started with Sound Iration in the 80s. The new studio has brought a major upgrade in equipment and, for the first time, Nick is enjoying live recording of bands and sessions. Branching out, Nick recently did sound design for the new Julian Temple film ‘London: The Modern Babylon’ and has worked with an amazing 12 piece panpipe band from the Solomon Islands, Narasirato, mixing their albums and some live shows. Nick is now involved more than ever with mixing records for a very wide range of artists, as well as mastering, now a big part of Nick’s work.
Nick continues to DJ and work as a selector throughout the world alongside many established singers and MCs, including Brother Culture, Kenny Knots, Danny Red and Gregory Fabulous. Nick still occasionally touches down on the radio, and just before moving back to London, did two years on Passion Radio in Bristol- sitting in once a month on the Sufferer’s Choice show. Nick has worked in music since the age of 17 and considers himself unqualified for anything else, except perhaps cooking, so the future should see plenty more record releases and lots more heavyweight dub sessions!

/// INFO ///

date: november 23rd
gates open at 23:01
location: YAAM / An der Schillingbrücke / 10243 Berlin
near S Ostbahnhof
-> * support yur local activists *

Refugees welcome!!!

for more info visit:

no sexism, no homophobia, no racism, no discrimination, no borders!!!
strictly respect...
good over evil... only love can conquer...

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